Now what!

No matter how hard we plan or make preparations for things to go off without a hitch, sometimes behind the scenes, all hell breaks loose. But hey, do not take our word for it. If you have ever put on an event, a concert, a conference, a birthday party, a seminar, a something, etc. You know exactly what we are talking about. Sometimes things get chaotic, but it is how you – the leader – responds to the chaos that makes the difference. Yes, a “risk matrix” or a “contingency plan” does help; but if you do not have one…good ole’ fashion common sense works. Oh, and a quiet place within and around to assess the situation. This of course will depend on how soon one has to act. Some chaotic matters require quick and swift actions. Yet, with practice, it is possible to go to a quiet place within to seek the answer, to handle the matter appropriately. Trying to rationalize chaos in the moment is ridiculous. No, seriously! In the words of our good friend, Keith C. Wade of Polaris Pictures, “You can’t out-talk crazy!” #Word! Also, you might want to make sure your right-hand man knows the “secret word/code/eye contact/hand gesture/whatever” when you need a minute to regroup, in the midst of chaotic situations. It will keep you from losing control and making an a** of yourself and your staff in public. #Wearejustsaying!

Lastly, when things get chaotic, breathe deeply a couple of times. Get some oxygen to that brain of yours. Do your best to not get caught in the negativity. Stay present. Ask yourself what is there to do next? Do it. Move forward. Call a mentor or friend. Keep moving. Assess the entire damage later. Believe us, it will still be there for you to deal with. Things get chaotic sometimes. It happens even with the best of plans. You still have a job to do and commitments to honor for you, your family, staff, clients, and participants. Pssst…it’s life. -VEC